1. I’ve been looking for a structured black handbag that is mid-sized and not boring af, and I reckon this Skinnydip Black Fold Over Tassel Detail Shoulder Bag £34 could be an option. I’ve ordered it and I’m hoping it’s decent quality; I’m really not sure what to expect from £34!

2. This Femme Fatale pin $13 is one for the savage sweethearts amongst us. Hey sisters.

3. Obsessed with the idea of the Coin Candle by Boy Smells £22 – with notes of rust, moss, saffron and tobacco, it apparently evokes the scent of a curiosities shop. Apt, as I’m currently listening to Needful Things by Stephen King on Audible. It’s about a strange little shop that opens in a Twin Peaksy kinda town. It sells the one item your heart desires, but you pay in deeds and personal sacrifice.

4. I heard that you like the bad girls, honey, is that true? This Olive & Frank BAD GIRLS CLUB jacket £65 is for you and all your ride or die friends, the ones who will never compromise, never settle and never, ever be boring.

5. My pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola, my eyes are wide like cherry pies. Well, this Cherry Cola pin $9 just has that retro Americana vibe that I’m constantly trying to recreate, and it makes me think of LDR.

6. I remember my pretentious days when I would insist that Dancer In The Dark or Goodbye, Lenin! were my favourite films. It’s time to get real: Mean Girls is my favourite film, it always has been. This I’m a cool mom pin $10 is so real it’s unreal.

7. I am literally obsessed with astrology. I genuinely feel like so much of my identity is formed from being a Sagittarius (apparently 13th December 1986 falls under Ophiuchus, the 13th starsign, but we won’t get into that as I find it traumatic.) Deep down, I know I don’t even believe in it, but at the same time, astrology is realThe Little Book of Astrology £8.99 will give me a deeper insight into moon signs, rising signs and all the compatibility charts will be consulted.

Meantime, my top 3 favourite horoscopes are, in order:

1. Teen Vogue (most extra)

2. Madame Clairvoyant @ The Cut.

3. Man Repeller

Born this way,




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