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(It was Violet’s dad’s 30th birthday yesterday. He was only 21 when I got pregnant. He’s the embodiment of “stepping up” and we are proof that sometimes things work better when you don’t take the conventional route. We’re still a family.)

My jumper, V’s dress.

In July I said I would:

Recommit to driving. And I did! I was recommended an instructor and knew as soon as we set off that things would be different. My first lesson with him was definitely my best lesson ever. He was so chilled and encouraging.

Use my body. Ok, so we went to yoga that one time. Despite describing it as a “transformative experience” (because I never exaggerate, of course) I haven’t gone back because there’s been other stuff to do. We’ll make a return next week, promise. There’s a vinyasa flow class I want to try.

Make more goals.Β I often make vague plans for how I’m going to do this or that, but I never set measurable targets. So I sat down and thought about the quantifiable actions I can take to get to where I want to be, and with determination I should hopefully one day have something that resembles a successful life. I also thought about which outcomes don’t bother me so much – I no longer consider it important to have another child. It would be nice and I definitely do get broody, but then I look at my daughter and think, come the fuck on Heather, how you gonna hit the jackpot twice?

So, in August I will:

Drive. I’m not gonna spend any money on clothes or unnecessary makeup so I can do as many lessons as I can. All my disposable income will be put into driving.

Donate blood. I haven’t donated blood this year, but I’ve been inspired to go again by a guy at my work who is due to give his 50th donation soon.

Track my day-to-day spending
using my Monzo card and app. I was referred to the beta version of Monzo by a friend and I have been astonished by how intelligent the design is. Monzo keeps track of how much money you spend so you don’t have to and provides in depth insights into your spending habits. It also lets you set targets and alerts you when you’re close to reaching them.

Socialise. I haven’t been proper dressed-up out for ages. I bought this ridiculously bright top and I need to wear it before colours and cleavage give way to autumn vibes.

Born to be wild,




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