beechgrove kings gate aberdeen cottage garden meadow

Something feels different inside me this week. The yoga teacher at a class we were at last Tuesday was speaking about negative, intrusive thoughts, about doubting herself and overcoming pessimism with breathing techniques and mindfulness. There was an anecdote in there about a CV or something, I lost focus on what she was saying which I’m sure wouldn’t offend her because I was focussing on my breathing and thinking about how much I’ve held myself back by refusing to squash negative thoughts.

I am fairly at peace with the unexpected turns my life has taken, but it made me wonder how differently things could have turned out, where I’d be, if I didn’t approach everything with low expectations.

I’ve decided to embrace possibility.

From now on, I will put myself forward for new opportunities and experiences. I will give people the benefit of the doubt and stop punishing men for the way past boyfriends have treated me. I will stop living in the mindset that I am stuck and nothing will ever get better. I will drop my baggage and move on.

Born to be wild,




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