barry m gold coast oliver peoples liane moriarty truly madly deeply

(Barry M Gold Coast £2.99 makes your nails look like the inside of a seashell)

Watching: Love Island, obv. I’m fascinated and appalled in equal measure. My favourites are Kem and Montana. I’d treat Kem right, and Montana just hasn’t had anyone come in who is on her level, so I’m rooting for her. I’m also learning a whole new fuckboi vernacular, so it’s kind of educational.

I watched The Virgin Suicides yesterday, for the first time in maybe eight years. It’s still dreamy, diaphanous perfection, and Lux Lisbon is still my muse:


I too am a stone cold fox, and I need to start hanging my bra from the cross above my bed because #aesthetic. I thought I was K.Dunst’s number one fan but one of my friends has K.D. in a love heart tattooed on his arm. #HBLfunfact Before we thought of Violet for our daughter’s name, we were gonna call her Lux. It’s Latin for light. Pregnancy is weird.

Reading: I gave up on A Little Life. I’m not in the right headspace for trauma, soz guys. Is it worth persevering with? I’m now reading Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty which is suspenseful and insightful and thrilling.

Listening to: I have so much love for Bad Liar by Selena Gomez which will generate many an Instagram caption, and Disconnect by Clean Bandit ft. Marina. Her voice is sensational and it’s an absolute banger. I think Clean Bandit are a total cringe, so you know it’s good if I’m admitting to liking it. Less than a month until new Lana!

Born to be wild,




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