I have a total weakness for other people’s weddings. I’ve cried at the weddings of people I only met that day; sometimes I haven’t even met them until after the ceremony. I haven’t been to a wedding in a couple years, I think, which is annoying because I went through a stage where I had so many to go to, so much love to witness, so many lumps in my throat to swallow and not ruin my makeup.

I have accepted that I almost certainly won’t get married. Finding someone to marry just wasn’t on my radar in my twenties because I had a baby, and settling down and marrying someone local to live local seemed so… Aberdeen. I would elope just to have a good story to tell. After watching Kate La Vie’s wedding video where she and her honey eloped in New York, I was like, that is the coolest thing ever, the baddest, most romantic thing I’ve ever seen. Of course I cried.

And at this point, I probably won’t meet someone to marry before I get the stage where I’m too old for a white dress, and there’s no way I’m going to be an old bride in a trouser suit. The kind that has to wear a fascinator instead of a veil, the horror! So, I am resigned to be a tragically beautiful spinster. Always willing to be a wedding guest though.

1. If I were a guest at a summer wedding, I’d want to dress in blue and gold – the colours of the Mediterranean. I’d look breezy in this ASOS PREMIUM Sleeveless Broderie Skater Dress With Ruffle and Open Back £60 which is short enough to be flirty and modest enough to be coy.

2. Mismatched earrings are my jam (Violet’s too, as she can’t seem to go a week without losing an earring), and this ASOS Pack of 4 Textured Half Hoop Earrings £6 has four pairs of burnished gold hoops that look like something you’d buy on holiday.

3. I’m considering buying this ASOS Cage Sphere Clutch Bag £25 despite having nothing to wear it to. I’d no doubt ruin the look completely by stuffing a packet of 20 Richmond Menthols into it, maybe the pack that has a picture of some rotten teeth on it. I think you have to be a certain type of refined woman to pull off a bag that anyone can see the contents of, and I’m not that woman. But I still want that bag, just to have.

4. These Wildfox Lolita Heart Shape Sunglasses £145 are so extra, I don’t think I could pull them off but you know I’d try. They’re the sunglasses equivalent of a placard with the words “I wish I was Lana Del Rey” on it. True though.

Born to be wild,




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