#DRESSLIKEHBL: I’m feeling defiant today

lost ink tiered ruffle blouse asos

I’ve already posted like ten million pictures of myself wearing this today but I really like these photographs and how rare is it to get more than one pic of yourself that you really like in one session? I wore this Lost Ink Tiered Ruffle Shirt £36 to watch the Scotland game yesterday, and I just felt like a really good version of me.

I wore it with these Levis Innovation Super Skinny LOT 700 jeans £85. They’ve got some new “flawless FX” technology which keeps you sucked in and lifted. They’re really flattering. Worth £85 though? Despite being poor and stingey, I’m going to say yes. It’s hard enough finding the right cut and wash of jeans at the best of times and it’s so hard to find jeans on the high street right now that don’t come pre-distressed. I have toiled. I have tried on many, many pairs of affordable jeans. Trust.

lost ink tiered ruffle blouse asos

So, I’m feeling defiant today. I deserve jeans that make me feel good. I’m still defiantly wearing my hair in a middle parting despite the thin bit at the front becoming even more conspicuous. I went through a traumatic time a few months ago, like really stressful stuff, so I think that’s why it’s looking dead thin again. Last night I was a riotous drunk, and it was so fun. I needed that. I bumped into some sad old cunts who used to be mean to me and I was like “Look at me now, bitches!!” while throwing my head back and roar-laughing like Lana Del Rey during the monologue that closes out the video for Ride. It felt so good.





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