I’m now over the halfway point in my self-imposed month without spending money. I embarked upon this partly out of necessity, but also just to reset my spending habits once again. It really has forced me to look at what my outgoings were and redefine what is necessary and what isn’t.


Apple Music. (even more so on this blessed day #MoreLife)

Kindle books: I’m currently melting into The Fall Guy by James Lasdun. It’s another one of those thrillers I like, where everything is shiny and clean and affluent on the surface belying the darkness, sexual jealousy and corruption beneath. I have coined a term for this specific sub-genre of thriller: paradise noir.

Driving lessons. Yes, I’m still learning. No, I haven’t booked a test yet. Yeah, I could probably fluke it.

Not Essential:

Smoking (and by proxy, drinking). I can’t drink without smoking, so I’ve just had to do neither. It’ll be a longer life, but one with less pleasure.

Every single thing that my daughter asks me to buy her. She asks me for something new every single day. Usually, her heart’s desire that she’s been wanting for ages and she’ll never ask for anything else again is an item of low monetary value, so I find myself saying yes more than I should. I should be saying yes to things, but it certainly shouldn’t be my default answer.

Takeaway food. There’s really no excuse to eat takeaway food in Aberdeen. With the exception of a Nepalese joint and maybe the odd box of noodles, there is no decent takeaway food in this city. If I lived in London, I’d be on that S.Korean ting or having ramen for lunch and a slice for dinner. But in Aberdeen, takeaway food is just an expensive disappointment.

Obviously a month without spending won’t have any obvious effects upon my overall finances. So in April, I’ll have to find a new way to get less poor. Suggestions welcome, as always.

Born to be wild,




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