violet birthday jojo bow fur stole

Look! I’ve now kept a human being in one piece for seven whole years!

I am dazzled by Violet on a daily basis. At times she is the sweetest little girl, and I genuinely admire her kindness. She is instinctually maternal and I learn from her kindness – ย she’s just so pure and honest in her treatment of others. At the same time, I’m dazzled by her sass. There’s a whole lot of personality to contend with and when she gives me attitude, its like looking in a mirror. She gives as good as she gets with me, and of course, it’s amusing because her mannerisms are so beyond her years.

She impresses me with her determination and creativity. She doesn’t know yet that life can be tedious and pedestrian, so every day is filled with projects and experiments. Whether she’s writing a song, building something completely unusable out of paper and washi tape, or eating crisps while hanging upside down from the furniture, once she has an idea, she has to follow it through.

Of course, I am dazzled by her beauty. She takes my breath away. I don’t want her to grow up believing that a person’s appearance matters, but how can I not tell her she’s beautiful when she is just so beautiful? I try and tell her that the way someone looks is the least important thing about them, and in the same breath I am telling her how she’s the most perfect specimen of humanity.

Well, I just can’t believe she’s mine.



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