hetty thirty birthday wishlist vans korres aesop quay

In two months, I will turn 30. In my mid-to-late twenties I always said I wasn’t worried about turning thirty because “I’ll have my shit together by then”. The naiveté of youth!

I don’t have my shit together, but I’m trying to get there. I definitely know myself better than I ever have, and although I am not happy with every choice I have made, I know I am strong and resilient and will find the peace and stability I crave.

That’s my first piece of advice for people from their late-teens all through their twenties:

Be someone who makes you happy. Your own personal growth is what matters most as you navigate young adulthood.

1. Absolutely would not spend £25 on a tote bag as you can get those things for free, but I would gratefully accept this Vans one as a gift.

2. I love a metallic lip – this Jouer Longwear Lip Topper in Tan Lines £13.50 transforms any lipstick with an bronzed iridescent shimmer that dries down and isn’t sticky. I am so, so excited about this, and can’t wait for them to expand the shade range.

3. A year ago today I landed in Morocco and was captivated by its beauty and culture. I’d love to go back (with a bigger budget!) but until then, Aesop Marrakech Intense EDP £60 promises to transport me back to the souks.

4. The inexpensive little curios I have collected over the years are what makes my house a home. I feel like Violet and I could move anywhere, and as long as we had each other and our junk, we would have a home. This brass-look horse hook £7.99 is from H&M and is the sort of tat I delight in.

5. The fragrances of Korres product make me want to weep with their perfection: Vanilla Cinnamon and Bergamot & Pear make me swoon. Next, I want to try Korres Basil Lemon Shower Gel £8. It’s said to be really uplifting. I like the smell of fresh basil a lot actually; once I bought a basil plant from the salad aisle of Sainsbury’s and when we got home, Violet and I just stood in the kitchen taking turns smelling it. We know how to get our kicks.

6. Sunglasses are never more useful in Aberdeen than in the winter. The muggy overcast “summer” sky clears as the weather gets colder and the sun is blindingly bright and low in the sky. These Marble and Rose Gold “Sugar and Spice” Sunglasses by Quay £30 cover all the Pinterest trends and I reckon a young and kittenish Brigitte Bardot would’ve worn them while tanning at La Madrague.

7. I’m usually a no-jewellery person by day, and a total Del Boy by night. Maybe it’s a sign of imminent maturity that I’m becoming drawn to finer, more delicate accoutrements, like this dainty Bill Skinner Flower and Bee ring £20.

Born to be wild,





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