Just over a week ago, I published a short post where I said I wanted to change everything. I still do. Although those few sentences were honest and emotionally charged, once they were out there, I didn’t really think they would have any further impact upon me or anyone who might read them. But then a friend of mine, a woman who I greatly admire, got in touch with me and offered her support. To think my unfiltered internet blurt resonated with someone I hold in such high regard!

It’s like, I know what I want, but I haven’t identified the goals I need to work towards in order to serve those aspirations.  I often feel like I shouldn’t even bother setting goals for myself because I never achieve them; I can’t even get through the tasks I set myself each week.

Look at this post from April for example. Which of these goals did I actually fulfil? Two of the six, actually.

Anyway, my friend is an experienced mentor, and she’s going to help me pinpoint the things that are truly important to me and help me help myself out of this rut.

Born to be wild,




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