It’s hard to believe we’ve been back from holiday for two weeks now, and I can honestly say I would go back to Mallorca in a second if I could. I had no idea it was such a beautiful island, which such a rich heritage and varied landscape.

ice cream

I lived for seafood, tomatoes and dulce de leche ice cream. I mean, the tomatoes were next level. And horchata! Hope the tiger nut is the next kool thing in food so I can get horchata in the UK.

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The architecture on Mallorca is stunning. The ancient walled towns and villages are so well-preserved and pristine, the history of the place is almost tangible. There is bougainvillea on every wall; these flushed pink blooms lounging across the sandy masonry.


I couldn’t take a photograph that could do the landscape justice. As you enter Aberdeenshire there are signs that say “From mountains to sea, the very best of Scotland” – That’s what Mallorca is like. I would sit on the balcony and watch the sun set over the inland mountains listening to High By The Beach by Lana Del Rey and feel so blissed out.

old alcudia dusk

Violet was in her absolute element, all evidence to the contrary from her facial expression here. She was so happy, she was radiant with excitement at each new day and new discovery.

pastel aesthetic coral palma aquarium mallorca

It rained once during our week there, a refreshing light rain that gave us an excuse to go to the aquarium in Palma. I was really feeling this coral’s pastel aesthetic. It would be big on Tumblr. I might have taken a job as a casual labourer in a vineyard and never returned if it hadn’t been for Beyoncé at Hampden the Thursday after we returned.

beyonce orchid formation lemonade tour

There are no words or pictures that can accurately depict how moving the show was. Both times I have seen Beyoncé, I have felt like I was witnessing something significant, but experiencing the Formation World Tour was witnessing history in the making. I get goosebumps just thinking about it, still. It was joyful and defiant and cathartic.

“If you’re a woman, you were born strong” – BKC 7/7/2016

beyonce formation tour black lives matter

Here, the most powerful woman in the world stopped her show and led thousands in a moment’s silence to honour black victims of police brutality. #blacklivesmatter

Born this way,


(If you like pictures of other people’s holidays, see also: ABZ – RAK: A Marrakech Adventure)



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