1. Monocycle from Man Repeller features bite-sized wisdom and musings by my favourite unrelatably rich and successful relatable person Leandra Medine. She comes across with such humour and integrity.

I recommend listening to Vulnerability, Confidence and Self-Sabotage. If nothing else, you’ll feel less alone in your neuroses.

2. The Minimalists podcast is about living a richer life with fewer possessions and distractions, something I’ve touched upon before as a desire of mine. I have too much stuff and far from making me happy, it actually just makes me feel disorganised and crowded.

The episode Stuff deals with habitual consumerism and clutter, Sentimental talks about letting go of items and habits, and Mentalclutter discusses the emotional impact of physical and mental disarray.

3. Only like eight years late to the party but how good is Stuff You Should Know?? I genuinely believe that maintaining your curiosity about nature and culture does make your life richer.

Begin anywhere, but I found the episodes on Chinese Foot Binding, Guide Dogs and The Papacy entertaining and enlightening.

Born to be wild,




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