Christmas Gift Guide 2015: The Homebody


Being cosy is one of my favourite hobbies. On my own, or with a companion, I like to create an atmosphere of cosy, and languish in it. I am a person who balks at leaving the house after darkness has fallen, and I wish hibernation between the months of November and February was an option.

1. First thing’s first, you can’t have Christmas without new Christmas comfies. Them’s the rules, ok? These Snowman Jammies £24 are so cute. I love a cuffed ankle, and like bare arms when I’m sleeping, so these are winners.

2. This Stay Home Club tee £20 features a depiction of what I wish my life was like. One cat just isn’t enough.

3. Socks. It ain’t Christmas without new socks. These Rose Socks £16 from Explorer’s Press fit the criteria for essential loungewear. I would also be very pleased to catch a peek of these above the Vans of a handsome male.

4. The festive season is basically the only time in the year where I find the time to unwind in a hot bath, and of all the fizzy Christmas treats Lush have on offer, I like the Luxury Lush Pud £3.95 best of all. With lavender and tonka absolute, it’s heady and comforting, like being enveloped in a silky, sweet cuddle. Nyawww.

5. Get your very own jar of Hetty Nutella from Selfridges! Then get a spoon.

6. Lighting is a key factor when it comes to creating a cosy ambience and these Christmas Festoon Lights from Temerity Jones £16 are so nostalgic and camp.

7. Tragedy struck last Hogmanay when I lost a beautiful white fur stole, but I’ve finally found a worthy replacement in this Zara Maxi Faux Fur Stole £49.99. It comes in three colours, but I think the mink looks most luxurious. It’ll double as something to stroke when the cat is pretending I don’t exist.

8. Preparing for hibernation is a multi-sensory experience so a scented candle is a must. Malin+Goetz Cannabis Candle £37 is woozy and sensual, with notes of sandalwood, patchouli and figs. All men should smell like this candle. (I also recommend Sanctuary Spa “Sleep” Daydream Candle £12.50 because it wasn’t priced by a maniac, and smells like Black Orchid by Tom Ford).

Stay tuned for the next instalment in HBL’s Christmas Gift Guide: The Wanderer.

Born to be wild,




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