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Pretty Little Liars, though. Seriously, why did I waste so much of this summer entertaining my child, cleaning my house, and enjoying the outdoors when I could have been lying in bed watching PLL? It is AMAZING. I was hooked after about 15 minutes of the pilot episode. I love it.

I thought I would be getting into The X-Files by now, and I still really want to get into The X-Files. Sometimes I’m scrolling through Tumblr and I see pictures of Mulder and Scully looking very cool, and I am so keen. (See also: this Tumblr master-post of amazing promo shots for The X-Files.)

I watched Wild with Reese Witherspoon, and was incredibly moved by Cheryl Strayed’s journey. I was a little worried that it would be a bit Eat, Pray, Love, but it was raw and painful and exhilarating. I definitely recommend it. I also went to the cinema to see Macbeth, which I had mixed feelings about. The cinematography was breathtaking, as was Fassbender, of course. The score was great too, and I enjoyed the storyline (or what I grasped of it). I wasn’t feeling Marion Cotillard’s non-attempt at a Scottish accent, and I found the soliloquies too lengthy because I am a philistine who wants ACTION NOW.


I’ve actually been reading The Chimp Paradox: The Mind Management Programme to Help You Achieve Success, Confidence and Happiness which is certainly giving me pause for thought. I’m not very far into the book, but it seems like it is going to equip me with some useful tools for productivity and motivation. Also, I love the fact that one of the highest-rated reviews of the book on Amazon was written by snooker and history’s very own Ronnie O’Sullivan! He gives it 5 stars!

Listening To:

I have now listened to every single available episode of The Generation Why Podcast and I genuinely feel like Aaron, Justin and I are pretty tight at this point. I wish they’d quit their jobs and just produce the podcast full-time.

Limetown is definitely intriguing me: I’m not ashamed to admit that I was halfway through the first episode before I realised it was fiction! I’m also enjoying a trip through the archives of The Slate Audio Book Club. I particularly like the episodes with Katy Waldman because she has a nice clippy voice. I liked the Pride and Prejudice episode where someone described Mr Bennet as “the most sinister character in literature”!!

Musically, I need something new to listen to, something to completely fall for, a winter romance with a song.

Born to be wild,




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