THE HUSTLE: No-Spend November

Natural History Museum London Stegosaurus NHM Dinosaur hettybl
An unrelated photograph of the Stegosaurus at NHM

Things were going great with my financial overhaul for the first couple of months, but I typically dropped the ball before long. I went on holiday, which proved more expensive than expected seeing as I had a night in London on either side of the trip to Morocco. I didn’t go too wild, but I definitely lost my grip a little. I don’t want to have to dip into the savings I have so preciously hoarded, so I’m drawing a line: No-Spend November.

I think November is a good time to reign in the spending so I don’t feel stretched or stressed out when December comes with all its necessary outgoings. So here are the rules:

I’m going to walk to university as much as I can. The saving is only £3.50 a day, but it adds up.

I’m not going to buy takeaway coffee when I’m on my own. Coffee dates with friends are fine, but solo sbux are unneccessary.

I won’t buy clothes or shoes. I just bought a bunch of stuff from ASOS, and I have new Huaraches and Vans, so this should be easy. I don’t even go into the shops that much any more.

These are fairly obvious tweaks, but I think these will be enough to get me back on track and reinvigorate my determination to save.

Born to be wild,




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