#hblbookclub The Pocket Wife

hblbookclub the pocket wife susan crawford

Okay, I know that comparing a mystery to The Girl On The Train is the new comparing a thriller to Gone Girl, but if there’s a murder mystery hole in your life, this will fill it.

The Pocket Wife by Susan Crawford follows the unraveling of Dana Catrell as she attempts to piece together the events of an afternoon which left her friend and neighbour dead. Like in The Girl on the Train Dana’s alcohol-induced amnesia is used as a plot device to compound the confusion as she tries to gain purchase on the vague fragments of memory that lurk at the edges of her mind. This story is a little more straightforward though; there’s no shifting timeline and overlapping perspectives. The Pocket Wife is told from two points of view only – Dana’s and the investigating detective. I think we’re supposed to warm to Det. Moss as the handsome but rugged divorcé who has given up on the American Dream in pursuit of justice. In my opinion, he’s not the most imaginatively-drawn character. Too clichéd, we’ve seen him in far too many books before.

Having said that, I did really enjoy The Pocket Wife. The twist at the end was a good one and I didn’t see it coming. If you want an un-taxing page-turner to get stuck into, I definitely recommend it.

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