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I finished The Minimalist Budget really quickly and I was inspired. This is not a book solely about budgeting; it’s a book that enables you to see the value of your resources: money and time.

Living within a budget should not be seen as “painfully enduring” a lack; minimalism is about finding what you want and satisfying that – without excess. Conscious decision-making and being mindful of my time and money will hopefully lead to more fulfilling choices that are not necessarily about saving money. I mean, one of my core values is that Lurpak Slightly Salted is the only option out there. I won’t compromise on that value, even though it would save me money to get a different brand.

Ok, I know that’s a silly example, but the book does encourage you to consider what brings you the most joy, and what brings most value to your existence before deciding where to cut back. There are some interesting exercises in the book to help you identify how you want to spend your resources and create a “Life Budget”. I definitely recommend the book as a starting point if a physical and mental clear-out is something you feel you could benefit from.

“The choice to live minimally, to identify your priorities and work with them, is a privilege, and its own kind of wealth” – Simeon Lindstrom

Anyway, my main priority right now is getting rid of stuff and I have kept the momentum going and stepped that up a gear:

I went through all my books, and divided them into keep, sell and donate piles. There weren’t many I wanted to keep or sell, so I donated most of them. At the end of the day I value my time more than I value the £0.01 + p&p I’d get for all these paperback novels. I can’t be bothered buying packaging and postage and going to the Post Office everyday for so little return. It’s just not part of my Life Budget, so I donated them instead. I’m only selling stuff if it’s worth the effort on my part.

Also: selling Nintendo DS games on Amazon = £££!

I worked in Kurt Geiger for years and amassed a sizeable collection of shoes, most of which were never worn, so I put them on eBay and I’ve already sold two pairs. Of course, I didn’t get anything close to the RRP, or even the price I paid with staff discount. That said, I value the £30 I got for one pair more than I value having the unworn shoes in my wardrobe waiting for an occasion that will probably never come.

I’ve also been selling party dresses, playsuits, going out clothes etc. I have been surprised and disappointed by how low you have the keep the prices if you want to sell clothes on eBay. But, like I say, better off money in the bank than taking up space in my wardrobe(s).

I’ve actually really enjoyed this past week, getting things shifted and making decisions. Once I’ve got the obvious things out of the way, the things I really don’t even want, let alone need, I’ll be moving up a level.
…I’m trying the KonMari Method next!

Born this way,




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