WISHLIST: The Heavens

1. I love this The Night’s All-right Patch from Explorer’s Press. I’m not so much Team Night-owl these days, but I do enjoy a witching hour stroll about the garden when the bats and hedgehogs are awake.

2. These Rhonda Fringed Sandals from Topshop are so versatile and I love a bold cobalt suede. I want to stop buying ridiculous shoes that get one or two outings and started buying shoes I’ll actually wear. See also these Daisy Street lace-up beauties. I wouldn’t want to take them off my feet.

3. There are few things more underrated than the moon. A glowing orb in a black sky, or a sliver of a crescent moon above a pink sunset, it is magical. This Moon print by Le Petit Archiviste identifies the Lunar Seas, mountains and craters and lists their whimsical names: The Bay of Rainbows, The Lake of Death and The Ocean of Tempests to name a few.

4. This is my plan: I am going to do a Masters and it is going to be stressful but when I finish next summer, I am going to book myself in to a LUSH Spa and treat myself to The Planets Treatment. Lush describe this £285 experience as, “…a unique journey through inner and outer space. Inspired by seven of the planets in our solar system, this unique three-phase treatment explores the past, present and the future. A reflective, personal experience involving massage, Lush palm reading and a lifted facial. Cross different dimensions from the comfort of your treatment room and then gently come back down to earth.” I am so into this.

5. You know how I’ve been speaking about how I want to own less stuff? I’m the perfect candidate for a capsule wardrobe, as despite owning heaps of clothes, I wear the same things over and over. I think this Striped Turtle Neck from ASOS would be a great Autumn/Winter staple in both the black/cream and the navy/cream colour ways.

6. The last thing I need is another nail polish, but how gorgeous are the bottles for the new Accessorize Beauty Shop nail polishes? The shade Milkshake is a classic cotton candy pink; clean and timeless.

7. This Violet Skin Illuminator by St Tropez has long intrigued me, and when I saw it was on sale with 20% off on Feel Unique my interest was renewed. Of course, I’m experiencing some trepidation because it’s a blue-toned body highlighter, but I imagine violet flashes on tanned skin could look really modern, sporty and luxurious.

What have you been yearning for this week?

Born this way,




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