HBL’s Favourite Pinners

hettybl hetty bavidge longmuir pinterest

Why is Pinterest so addictive? I can’t get to sleep at night unless I’ve scrolled through my feed, putting the things that catch my eye neatly into their little boxes. It’s a compulsion!

Pinterest has so many uses: I use it for make-up and style inspiration, as a way to organise found images which I find pleasing to look at, and you can find practical advice on any topic. I have found helpful housekeeping hacks (cringe at the use of that word!) and really simple DIY projects that have improved my limited space on my limited budget. (Having said that, just because you can make a piece of art out of cotton buds arranged in the shape of a heart, doesn’t mean you should.) Also, there is no shame in raking around for a quote to inspire and reinvigorate you, should the need arise. Honestly, if people could see my secret boards, they’d lose all respect for me. The #bossbabe hashtag, anyone?

Anyway, I thought I’d share the love and make a list of my Top 3 favourite Pinners right now:

Mad love for Wayward Daughter, my Edinburgh-based muse. She is simply the most chic woman in the world; her taste in interiors and style are impeccable, and her culinary and cocktail-making skills make me want to marry her. Ultimate dream babe.

Oh My Clumsy Heart is a Birmingham-based company producing handmade jewellery that is both delicate and bold. Designer Sophie curates the most unique boards that feature minimal, industrial interiors juxtaposed with organic textures and greenery. With loads of authentic advice about running a business, she has built a resource for creatives.

I don’t know anything about Leslie Wellman or how I originally came across her Pinterest boards, but I have faithfully repinned her ever since I discovered her. Her boards cover a vast variety of topics, with branding and packaging, literature, art, the mountains, the sea and the seasons all in the mix. I feel like we’d be best friends if we ever met.

Please do leave a link to your Pinterest account in the comments below so I can follow you too!

Born to be wild,




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