BODY: Cassiopeia and Andromeda Tattoo

hettybl andromeda cassiopeia tattoo minimal constellation

I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo which represents motherhood but I knew I didn’t want my daughter’s name or anything obvious like a violet flower. So, in the end I opted for something which represents a vain queen who sacrificed her daughter to save her kingdom, obv.

I’ve long been a little bit of a stargazer; when I was a teenager I would let my dog off his lead in the fields behind our house and I’d lie down in the barley and stare into the dark sky as he sniffed and snuffled around. The mythology that ties in with ancient astronomy has always been fascinating to me; the legends of gods and monsters often have gruesome endings which appealed to me as a child.

So, when I read that two constellations I can spot all year round were mother and daughter in greek mythology, I delved deeper into the legend. Cassiopeia, Queen of Aethiopia, angers Poseidon by declaring herself more beautiful than the Nereids. Her beautiful daughter Andromeda is punished for Cassiopeia’s hubris. On the front of my left ribs, this tattoo is a warning against pride and arrogance. It is also a reminder that despite maintaining facets of my identity that are slightly removed from my being a mother, everything I do ultimately affects the two of us, as a unit.

A note: The tattoo artist hated it. He didn’t want to do it. He didn’t want a series of black dots and grey lines associated with his name as an artist, so I won’t say where I got it done or who by.

What do you think?

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