WISHLIST: Mystical Pins and Scent of Stark

wishlist aug 2015 vans explorers press comme des garçons

1. If Topshop Chameleon Highlighter in Mother of Pearl is anything like as iridescent and ethereal as the sadly discontinued Chameleon Glow eyeshadows, I will have found my latest love. I adore Topshop face products and can’t wait to try this.

2. The pin badge is making a comeback. I’m seeing all kinds of unique pins on Instagram and Etsy. As a one-time cartomancer, I feel drawn to symbolism that relates to divination. FUN FACT #1: The crystal ball emoji is in my top 3 emojis of ALL TIME. This Psychic lapel pin from Explorers Press is very cute. I mean, how good is that fortune-teller aesthetic?

3. C’mon, ASOS, get it together and get these Slim Cigarette Pants back in stock before the summer is over and we all have to put our ankles away.

4. More pin love, this time from Valley Cruise Press. This Desert-themed Twin Pack will suffice until I can go on a solo pilgrimage to the Joshua Tree, Natasha Khan style.

5. Mad love for all-black Vans, and these Sk8-Hi Decon high-tops are something a little different to my usual Lo Pros.

6. I’m missing Game of Thrones. The last season wasn’t the best. There was so much setting up for next season that it didn’t really get interesting until the last couple of episodes. It had me longing for the reign of King Robert Baratheon with all the mystery and intrigue. This Winterfell candle by Frostbeard Studio is scented with pine and firewood, and would transport me back to the days when the Starks ruled The North. FUN FACT #2: I’m going to name my house Winterfell.

7. As a long-time lover of unisex and pour homme scents, I was captivated by the woody warmth of Comme des Garçons Floriental. A new release for 2015, it is complex and balmy with notes of sandalwood, plum and sweet resins. It was Violet’s dad who actually introduced me to it; hopefully he’ll return to his beloved Wonderwood so I can commandeer Floriental as my new signature scent.

Born this way,




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