Q&A: My Septum Piercing

septum piercing q and a body modification

It’s fair to say the septum piercing is having a moment. Or maybe it has had its moment, now that people like me are having it done. Whether the trend is the wane or not, whenever I have it on show, I get the same questions about it. So, I thought I’d answer a few of them for those interested or considering getting it done.

Was it sore?

How sore was it?
I don’t typically think of myself as someone with a particularly high pain threshold, so if I coped, you probably can too. Thankfully, my anatomy is such that the piercing does not go through cartilage, which is apparently much more painful. I’m fairly certain that your piercer, where possible, will avoid cartilage and just go through skin. Your eyes will stream though so don’t get it done when your eyeliner is on point.

How was the aftercare?
Let’s not be coy: piercings do not smell good while they are healing. But, cleaning it twice daily with boiled salt water and cotton buds keeps the smell at bay, while reducing the risk of infection. I stuck to this regimen for the first few weeks, and still make sure it gets a good blast of clean water in the shower every day.

How long did it take to heal?
It probably took a good six or eight weeks for me to feel like I was able to change the jewellery, but it varies from person to person.

How did people react to you having your septum pierced?
Nobody reacted at all because I kept it secret for months. The septum piercing is magical in that it can be completely concealed by wearing a horseshoe bar, flipped up. My parents didn’t know about it for a good six months because it’s so easy to hide. Having said that, I have had some negative feedback. It understandably grosses some people out. You’ll probably be told by at least one person that you’ve ruined your face or whatever, and you’ll be totally devastated because obviously when you got it done you were not thinking about how you might lose the approval of some drunken idiot in the outdoor smoking area of a nightclub.

Where do you buy your septum jewellery?
I hardly own any jewellery for it, as I’m pretty happy with either a tiny hoop, a rainbow adonised titanium horseshoe or a gold one. Etsy and Ebay both have good selections of bars and clickers if that’s what you fancy.

Feel free to comment below with any other questions.

Born to be wild,




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