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I recently enjoyed an entire weekend all to myself and during those blissful hours of p&q, I watched Still Aliceand absolutely loved it. Heart-eyes for Alec Baldwin forever, and I do have massive soft spots for Julianne Moore and K-Stew. I definitely want to read the book once I’m done with my current selection. The movie wasn’t as harrowing as I expected, but I’ve got Cake starring Jen Aniston next on my list of movies to watch, so I’m prepared for tears.


I haven’t been reading as much as usual. I prefer to spend my time applying for jobs I know I won’t get. But, whenever I allow myself a break from the rejection, I’ve been reading Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari. It is not a memoir, but the findings of a study by A.A. and NYU Sociology Professor Eric Klinenberg on how the dating landscape has changed in the age of smartphones and social media. Interesting and full of amusing anecdotes from the participants of their focus groups and Ansari himself.

Listening to:

My musical taste hasn’t diversified much in the past few months; I’m still on that Marina/Onika loop. Podcast-wise, I’m all about Generation Why, particularly the JonBenet Ramsey and Madeleine McCann episodes. Also, Mystery Show. The episode about Jake Gyllenhaal’s height had me laughing out loud, alone in the dark.

Of course, I still remain loyal to The Archers. I have no one to talk to about The Archers; when is there gonna be a podcast discussing it?

Born to be wild,




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